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Don’t expect perfection, start now!

Don't expect perfection, start now!

Don’t expect perfection, start now! When you have a dream, you have a passion. When you have a passion, you want to execute it perfectly.

Usually when we have goals, we want to start them strong. We want to be an overnight star. We want to achieve the best as soon as possible. But everything takes time. It gets better over time, but it’s important to start as early as possible.

What happens is that we have an idea that we think can instantly change our lives or the lives of others. But we don’t work on it until we have favorable circumstances. We expect more time and more resources. And, one day, someone else built a product based on that idea, and we regret that.

We’ve heard this saying, “Oh, I had the same idea, but I just couldn’t get started.”

How often does perfection become our greatest enemy?

Initially, once an idea comes to mind, it takes a long time. We don’t have enough initial information. We have a doubt in your mind and the worst thing is that you want to start it perfectly. No, this is not possible most of the time. The feeling of “I’ll do it perfectly” often makes us pause before we begin.

Think for a moment about the time we waste before taking the first step toward our goal. Here’s what happens. You are about to start and then you realize you can do better. You stop it halfway and say I’ll do it tomorrow in a better way.

A few days have passed and you have lost interest in the idea. It could be your business idea or something about your dream.

How do you deal with the idea of ​​being perfect?

Search for perfection. It is good. Try to do the best you can. It is good. But don’t stop doing it because you can’t do it perfectly. Take a step and keep learning. You will improve by doing so.

Perfection? It’s on everyone’s mind. When I change my current job, I will follow my dream. Once I make a lot of money, I will start my own business. When I have more time, I will start going to the gym. Once I have fewer responsibilities, I will start to enjoy my life.

How perfection destroyed your dreams:

Here is another example:

You want to be an artist like a singer, writer, painter, or whatever. Let’s say you are lucky enough to attend an event and show off your abilities. If you are trying to come up with an excuse that you are not well prepared for. It means you expect perfection. Do not miss the opportunity.

CORRECT! Done. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. Continue learning:

We went to an interview, but it didn’t go well. We have just returned from a vacation, but there is very little left to explore.

We just got back from a movie we had high expectations for, but it turned out to be less than that (or a disaster).

It’s okay if it’s not perfect.

We often end up being disappointed because we or something performs less than our expectations. Things don’t always go our way. Life is interesting because it is unpredictable. The secret to lasting happiness is to enjoy the journey and keep learning. As Eugène Delacroix said: “The artist who strives for perfection in everything will not get there from nothing”.

So it’s okay if you don’t sing perfectly. It’s okay if you’re not playing perfectly. It is wise to accept that we cannot be excellent at everything 카지노사이트.